My name is PJ and I have a lot of lives!

While I don’t consider myself to be an interesting person, I know I’m not an ordinary person either. I’m just your regular teacher by day/ninja by night kind of guy. Except the ninja part can vary depending on what I’m playing or reading. The teacher part never varies.

I like reading, writing, spending time with my nieces and taking long walks on a beach full of pirates while I fry them with thunder or hit them with music.

I think driving would be more interesting if I could actually throw shells at cars in front of me.

I have traveled all around the world, visiting marvelous places like Ferelden, Middle Earth, Hyrule, Mushroom Kingdom,  Tyria and on occasions, space.

I also like potatoes.

This blog will simply be a place for me to throw in my random thoughts. They may or not be video game related. There may or not be one or two serious posts here and there.


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